Homeopathy for Cancer

Supporting patients and their caregivers on their journey

Cancer Clinic


Every year around 9 million people with cancer are diagnosed, most of them have very little understanding of the disease and of the alternatives they have. We often hear only about the treatments that conventional doctors offer such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone-therapy and too little about other alternatives such as homeopathy, nutrition and more.

In most of the cases cancer patients, afflicted by serious cancers, and their carers are unsatisfied with the treatment, the side-effects and the emotional impact that surrounds this devastating illness and try to look for a safer alternative. 

At Homeopathy for Cancer, we take a non-toxic wholistic approach where homeopathy is our main tool but we combine it with germanic new medicine, nutrition, exercise and other natural techniques to promote our patients health. 

We approach every patient as a whole regardless of the type of cancer, location, stage and treatment received and consider the whole body, mind, and emotions when we give a treatment.  

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