Homeopathy for Cancer

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Who we are?


 B.SSC (Med)

Specialist in Homeopathy

Certificate in Health

(Nutrition, Weight Management and Consulting)

Certificate in Homeopathic Mesotherapy 


Osvaldo has been practicing classical  homeopathy since 1998. He was certified by the National College of Medicine and Homeopathy (Mexico) after completing a rigorous 7 year degree in Medicine and homeopathy.


He further specialized in classical homeopathy with the Homeopathic Mexican Foundation   and spent more than 1 year practicing in the National Homeopathic Hospital (Mexico) the largest Latin American hospital of its kind.


Since early stages during his medical formation  he became interested in cancer as most of his family has suffered from this devastating illness.  


After gaining his B.SSc degree in Medicine from the National College of Medicine and Homeopathy, (Mexico), Osvaldo worked in many hospitals and Trained for several years to focus on cancer research. In 2005 he completed a thesis outlining changes in the blood of patients with multiple myeloma, a common cancer of blood cells.


When he first arrived into Australia, he was awarded  the May and John Sweet Fellowship and worked in the Northern Blood Research Centre at the Royal North Shore Hospital looking at changes in blood cells and how this might prevent leukemia developing in patients with high-risk blood disorders. For the last three years, Osvaldo has been working on skin cancer research at the St Vincent's Centre for Applied Medical Research (AMR).    


Osvaldo has qualified as a homeopath and been certified by the Australian Register of Homeopaths (AROH) to finally develop a successful practice in Sydney as the culmination of a lifelong interest in homeopathy.


Osvaldo has experience in treating a wide variety of acute and chronic ailments including cancer, mental disorders, emotional disturbances (anxiety, depression), nutritional problems (obesity, overweight and malnutrition), cosmetic conditions (localized fat, cellulite, face lift and wrinkles), acute and chronic pain management, etc.

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